RSetrading is a versatile organization that aims to sell online. Various products are offered through web shops that are developed and operated in-house. Currently there are activities in fashion watches, budget watches, chimney hoods and beach towels.
The following web shops are active in the Netherlands and Belgium:,,,,

Across the border
In addition to the Dutch and Belgian market, the German market is also served with:

The approach to each project is characterized by quality, clarity and no nonsense. Both in total management and in partial services.

How and when did it arise?
RSetrading originated in 2011 from existing activities in the field of website development and construction under the name RS4sites. (

In addition to serving end customers (B2C), RSetrading can also be deployed for organizations (B2B).
- Do you have a product or service that you (also) want to sell online?
- Do you have plans for a webshop?
- Could your existing webshop use an upgrade or do you want to boost sales?
Then you have come to the right place at RSetrading. Collaboration is also possible.

Became curious? Send an e-mail to: and we will contact you.